Great solutions have a great process, simple and flexible

Business needs

Capture of business requirements oriented to be satisfied with software technologies.

Solution Design

Propose the software solution with patterns and prototypes, estimate in resources and time.


Happy Coding! =), applying the most advanced programming tools and patterns.


White and black box, ethical hacking, stress testing and everything needed to be sure.


Hello World!, making your solution work in production.


Monitoring your solution every moment, implementing changes based on "continuous improvement" process.

Code quality

To achieve readability, maintainability and testability, we implements quality tools like:

  • SonarQube
  • CheckStyle
  • StyleCop
  • and other quality inspection tools.

Our development team

We are a Startup oriented to give the best professionals in each project. To achieve this proposal we work with the best programmers and other professionals in different disciplines around the world. A project can join professionals from Norway, Ucrania, Colombia or China working together to get the best results on short time using the latest communications tools like Slack, Trello, Google Apps for Work, and Skype.



Google Apps for Work