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Why my website should have an SSL or should be an HTTPS site?

This a good question, many customers do not recognize or find the importance of having a website secure, they just publish their websites without any security consideration.

Having an SSL in your website is important because guarding the communications is a tool to prevent phishing practices. (read this article please With an SSL certificate on your website, you can prevent this kind of problems or reduce it significantly.

When should I put a certificate on my website?

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Why is important cross applications in your company and when not?

Cross Applications


Every business needs custom applications, for the sales process, marketing process, payment or billing, every business is different.

Also the process changes with the time, some process can be done inside the business building, others outside and sometimes on both sides. Sometimes when I have a meeting with some providers and I need to request some info or reports to my provider and he opens his laptop to access to his VPN and launch internal applications to provide me the info. That's a very long process and sometimes he can not provide it and we must wait for an email or a call.

This scenario can be different, my provider can open his mobile application versión and show me the info requested on his iPad or Tablet, can make the process more light and close opportunities at that moment.

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Data sharing between government and private sector

3 problems and solutions to sharing automated data between government and corporate sector

Share information between companies is relatively easy, the IT guys have some meetings, share some coding and build an API to share information. But what happens if you need to send data to government online from your own system, is not so simple like send your monthly or annual taxes declaration, what if you need to send the information every hour or every minute, you will have some problems.

What kind of problems?

Image this scenario, you need to send automated data to a government organization every 10 minutes.

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