We build your mobile application

Android and iPhone native or Hybrid apps can be developed with precision and successful results

Android Development

Get stable apps for different devices and different android versions.

iOS Development

We develop iOS apps based on swift for iphone, Ipad and iWatch.

Angular Applications

Publish mobile HTML 5 apps with Angular, fast and reliable.

React Framework

Empower your HTML 5 mobile apps with React Framework.

Mobile Development Process


  • Focus in user Experience
  • Prototyping the apps (Use Cases and Requeriment definition)
  • Backend Design
  • Production Design (Work flow documentation)


  • Componentes design
  • Backed programming
  • User interface programming
  • Testing (Black box, White box, strees and UX testing, Ethical hacking)


  • Project documentation delivery
  • Support documentation
  • App publishing
  • Protocol definition of maintenance and improvement

Questions about the project

  • How does the process work?

    We divide the project into three stages: Design, Development and Deploy.

    In Design, we define what you need (different about what you want), we write some documents to establish that requirements and define the times and the resources needed.

    In Development, we starting coding and configuring all the backend (Databases, Sockets, Connections) , we approve with you the final User Interfaces and we code it. We suggest if you need a native application, start with Android and if you agree with all the App we continue with iOS (this not apply for HTML 5 apps).

    In Deploy, we publish the apps in theirs stores and we deliver all the project and coding documentation, also we define the process for maintenance and improvement (this includes the bugs fixing).

  • I need a big budget to start?

    Is not necessary start with a big budget, we believe in cyclic development, what it means:

    • You have an app development idea.
    • We propose a "Minimum Viable Product"
    • We start the project with the minimum cost to implement a "Minimum Viable Product" or a prototype to prove the App success.

    After that stage, we can start with the whole project or a simple part "Step by Step" at your times.

  • What are our apps coding skills?

    Every day the app development ecosystem is changing, new frameworks, new versions of programming languages, and new methods to improve the apps performances.

    For that reason, explain that question in few words is a little bit difficult, but here some programming specs:

    • Swift development
    • Android development
    • Html 5 + Angular
    • Firebase
    • Google App Engine
    • Mysql, Oracle and PostgreSQL, and so on.

    Define all the technologies to implement a good standing application is hard, but we can say that "We know about this business".

  • How is communication flow?

    Our software development projects are composed by two teams:

    1. The Software Innovation Team.
    2. Your team.

    Each team will have a project manager, each project manager will stay all time in communication to change requirements, extends functionalities, give feedbacks and give the project acceptance.

    The communication will be between the project's managers, we use this mechanism to preserve the order and the correct project progress.

  • How long takes the project?

    It depends about requirements, but we split the projects in cycles with two weeks duration (even one week).

    We give project deliveries every week to measure the progress comparing the progress with the initial estimated. We don't believe in surprises at the end of the day, we believe in an ordered progress system.

  • How big is the development team?

    The size is proportional with the technologies included in the project. We can start with one developer up to 10 developers could be part of the development team, if the project needs more developers we consider divide the project into sub-systems to manage with efficiency the resources and the improve the time progress.

    We work always with remote programmers around the world, that premise ensures to have the best professional for your project.

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